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About us

Hi! We are Tom and Anne. We started working on the Isla VIP card in 2021 to help visitors find some of the BEST places (and people) on the island while saving a few pesos for that extra taco & cervesa. 


Our first trip 2017!

Like so many others, we fell in love with Isla instantly. First, on the ferry witnessing the bluest water we had ever seen. Then tasting all the amazing fresh food, skillfully prepared by local restaurants. And finally, by meeting the WONDERFUL people of Isla. We have been fortunate enough to visit about 3 times a year and enjoy our time with people we consider great friends and family. 

These friends paved the way for our family (and many others like us) to get involved with the community in so many rewarding ways. THIS is why we will always call Isla "home". 

Some of our Isla adventures!

Want to add your business to our family?

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