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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my Isla VIP card Valid for?

To card is valid for two weeks. Simple tell us your dates during checkout and they will be printed on your card.  

How much can I really save?

That depends on you. Here's an example though. Over 7 days, if you visit our restaurants for 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 6 dinners you could easily save $150. Rent a golf cart for the week, get a massage, and go for a dive....add another $125. A little shopping could put you over $500. 

Can my friend "borrow" my card?

To discourage theft, you send us a picture of your smiling face and basic info which is on your ID. Only that person can use the Isla VIP card. 

But what if I dont want my picture on my card

No problem shy guy! Your card with have smilie face and your full name. You may be required to show an ID that matches the name on the card

HELP! The vendor doesn't know what this is!

It is possible the employee or business is new with us and they aren't familiar with it. Please be kind and patient.  Show them the businesses page on our VIP site or ask for manager. We do our best to update our deals instantly and ask them for advance notice but businesses can change their deal whenever they want. Please report any issue to us so we can address / update!

Can I go back to the same business more then once?

Absolutely! Feel free to go back for breakfast, lunch AND dinner in the same day if you want!

 Why would businesses offer this?

It's simply a way for them to stand out amongst their competitors and get their name out there.  

Why isn't my favorite place here?

No problem! Let them know you want them to be part of our network. They can sign up here!

But wait, I have more questions!

Please email us here, message us on Facebook or whatsapp us! 

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Want to add your business to our family?

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